Optimal Sexuality
Optimal Sexuality

Judith Eldredge ~ Clinical Sexologist & Sex Coach

My Practice

I am open, non judgmental, and sex positive.  Sex positivity embraces sex and sexuality as natural and healthy, and acknowledges its power to act as a beneficial force in our lives.

While some practitioners are problem or solution focused, my approach is to focus on potential and ask, “What is possible?”

A Focus on Optimal Sexuality and the Erotic

As a sexologist my role is a facilitator, helping clients discover what optimal sexuality means for them.  Any existing sexual concerns are naturally addressed along the path towards optimal sexuality and increased eroticism.

Eroticism involves playing and experimenting with arousal.  Eroticism has to do with increasing and intensifying pleasure, longing, and sexual excitement.

I believe everyone can benefit from striving for their erotic potential.

Sexual Pluralism

My practice in part helps clients explore and discover what sexual desires, fantasies, and interests they have.  Although there are certainly common elements of optimal sexuality, the details of what it looks like vary from individual to individual.

Any practitioner who works effectively with their clients to help them realize their erotic potential naturally embraces sexual pluralism.

I welcome all clients including those who identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, asexual, questioning, two-spirited, intersex, queer, vanilla, or kinky.  I work with clients who are in monogamous, open, or polyamorous relationships; with those in the swinging community; and with those who are single.

Additional Information

  • I am available to meet by phone or in person in my Chicago and Oak Park offices.
  • Telephone sessions must be paid for in advance by check or PayPal.
  • My clinical sexology and sex coaching sessions do not involve sexual touching.

Prepay sessions using PayPal
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