Optimal Sexuality
Optimal Sexuality

Judith Eldredge ~ Clinical Sexologist & Sex Coach


“Judith is by nature a very open and nonjudgmental person.  Her approach is sex positive, accepting, and non-pathologizing.  She feels very safe to work with and makes it easy to talk about things that are normally very uncomfortable and difficult to discuss.”

“Judith was very useful to me in figuring out some important life stuff—much more so than any time I’ve spent with anyone else in the ‘helping professions.’"

“There is something in Judith that puts people at ease.  I believe that she sees the best in people and makes people feel good about themselves.  I think this is a key quality in a good sexologist.  Sex is a difficult topic and often people feel ashamed or flawed in some way and Judith is so beautiful at making people feel safe and comfortable –she is extremely nonjudgmental.”  

“Judith is warm, kind, thoughtful, generous, deeply compassionate, and funny.  Her energy is palpable and she has truly helped to make my life a more joyous experience.”

“Judith has an attitude of openness, curiosity, compassion, and intelligence.  I have personally experienced her amazing skills in listening and in asking excellent questions to determine and clarify my experience.  She has helped me to summarize my situation and fashion (with me) solutions to address my needs.  She has a huge heart, a wonderful sense of humor, and an enthusiasm for life and living.”

“Judith combines humility and kindness with intellect—a rare thing, I think, to find in anyone.  She is invaluable.”
“One of Judith’s greatest attributes is her ability to interact with and relate to people from diverse backgrounds.  She really has wonderful people skills.  Judith is a calming presence with the ability to see everyone’s point of view.  Not only is she able to relate to people very well, but she has an impressive ability to keep things constructive.  To my mind, Judith is very adept at facilitating interaction that moves people in pragmatic directions that enable them to consider new ideas about issues in their lives.”

"Judith is a light where she goes.  She is loving and supportive of others as well as extremely intelligent.  She is a wonderful individual." 

“There is something about the way that Judith takes in what another person is saying to her that is incredibly reassuring, as if she is helping the person take on whatever is happening.  It is simply a feeling that she radiates.  Perhaps a confidence, or calmness, but whatever it is, it sends out this vibe of “it will be alright” to the other person.  I think having this quality is her particular gift in life.”
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